How to Get Anarchy in Destiny 2 (Destiny Exotic Guide)

Destiny is known for its butter-smooth gameplay, profound lore and immersive storytelling. However, it is less known for its vast range of guns and weapons available. Destiny 2 has hundreds of different weapons, grouped into four different categories based on how rare they are: that being, common, rare, legendary and exotic. Common is the least rare weapon type you can get in the game, while exotic is the rarest you can receive.

The game’s exotic weapons are hard to find, and all have unique perks for players to enjoy. For example, the infamous Thunderlord shoots down thunderbolts on enemies upon impact. The guns also vary in how powerful and valuable they are. Anarchy, an exotic grenade launcher introduced in the Forsaken expansion, is considered one of the most powerful and best exotics. So in this Destiny Guide, we’ll explain how to get Anarchy in Destiny 2.

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What is Anarchy?

Anarchy is an exotic heavy grenade launcher introduced into the game in the Forsaken expansion. The weapon is the best grenade launcher in the game, having the unique perk of sticking grenades to walls and chaining lightning between them.

Thus, in PVP and PVE, the weapon is a machine. Due to its special bonus, Anarchy has the highest DPS of any heavy weapon on bosses and is best suited to completing raids and high-end game content such as dungeons.

If you remember the legendary Gjallarhorn introduced in the first Destiny, Anarchy is its replacement, quickly becoming the new meta of the game.

How to Get Anarchy in Destiny 2

There are several ways you can get Anarchy in the game. Firstly, you can obtain the weapon through what is known as the monument of the lost light. This monument is found in the tower and can be used to purchase exotic weapons at a price.

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To buy Anarchy, you will need an exotic cipher obtained through various means such as through Xur agent of the nine or completing triumphs. Likewise, you will need 150,000 glimmer, 2 ascendant shards, and finally 240 spoils of conquest obtained from conducting raids such as deep stone crypt. Once you acquire all of these, you can purchase Anarchy.

Secondly, you can get the weapon through a random exotic engram drop. You can obtain these through the season pass, the crucible and by completing vanguard strikes and nightfalls. The chances of Anarchy dropping by these means are rare, though.

Thirdly, Anarchy is obtainable through completing raids and opening the final raid chest. The chances of the weapon dropping vary between 10 and 50%, depending on the times you have completed the specific raid. The more times the raid has been completed, the higher the chance the weapon drops. This method is more time consuming than the others but is worth doing if you have a reliable fireteam with skill.

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Lastly, you could have obtained Anarchy by completing the scourge of the past raid. This raid was introduced after the Shadowkeep expansion and took place within the last city. Unfortunately, though, the raid was made unavailable last year.

Why Should I Get Anarchy?

As highlighted, Anarchy is one of the best weapons in the game; its incredible high DPS against enemies and players make this gun a must-have. If you manage to obtain the weapon, it is worth using the firearm in an arc class build to take advantage of arc damage.

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Similarly, matching the gun with exotic armour such as Dunemarches for the Titan is also a good move. It is crucial to make good use of its chain lightning. Doing so makes this gun a formidable opponent in both PVE and PVP. The weapon will make it far easier to complete high-level content such as raids and will make you a contender in the crucible in PVP.

Final Thoughts

This feature has covered how to get Anarchy in Destiny 2; as highlighted, Anarchy is tricky to find and can be a real challenge to obtain. However, if you get the weapon, you can become one of the game’s very best.

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