How To Change Ps4 Controller Color -SOLVED

There is a button present inside the circuit board of the PS4 controller. When the metal disk comes in contact with this controller, then it generates electricity between its strips.

Automatically controller can sense it and send data to PSX.

You can change the color of PS4 controllers into different colors such as purple-pink, orange, red, blue, yellow, and more.

When you connect your controller to the PC, then it starts glowing.

The following steps can help you to change the color of your controller:

If you want to change your controller’s light bar color, you need to download an application for it. With the help of the application, you can change your light bar color easily.

How To Change Ps4 Controller Color on pC

  1. Right click on STEAM and run as administrator
  2. Go to the setting
  3. Click on Controller Setting
  4. Bottom of the end you get Detected Controller
  5. Right Side you get PREFERENCES click on it
  6. After that you can choose which color you want

Why PS4 controller change its colors?

The different color of the PS4 signify other things. Suppose the controller is showing a blue color that means the player one is playing the game.

If you want to change this blue color into red, then you can again log into your account as player number two.  

The functionality of a light bar in a PS4 controller

The light bar of a PS4 controller helps to identify the player, for example, player one as blue color, player two as red color, player three as green color, and player four as pink color.

Moreover, it can help other players to know which player is playing right now.

You will also find a speaker on this controller. Suppose you disconnect from the game due to any technical reasons, then the light will turn white.

At that point in time, you need to hold its PS button for few seconds.

Once you have its PS button, then your controller will automatically reset. 

The light bar is the significant source of this device because it handles the functionality of this device.

It helps the controller to detect the location of the players.

The developers are trying to add a feature where players can communicate using the light bar. This will be implemented in the future.  

Things you can do with your light 

You can enjoy a lot of things with your PS4 controller light bar. Suppose you are the solo player in the darkroom.

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Then your controller will display a single color. All these things are happening on the basis of the coding, which is already executed by the developers. 

Many gamers prefer to play in a dimly lit room. In this room, the light bar color keeps changing smoothly as per your performance.

It will entirely change your mood while playing and give you a different feeling of the game.

When your whole surrounding is changing into blue, pink, orange, green, red, etc., it boosts your energy to play wisely.

However, it provides various setting options for players, and you can utilize them while playing. 

Apart from these features, you can find various other buttons such as a share button, PS button, action button, shoulder button, triggers, click button, and more.

In this controller, you can also find the select and start button. 

It contains a share button that allows players to record all videos to the web. You can also upload your video on the web by using its share button.

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Another significant fact is that you can share the video to multiple places with the help of its share button. 

How to switch on the light bar of your PS4 controller?

Turn on the PS4 and then connect your controller with the help of a USB cable. After making the connection, you need to press your PS button.

You will notice that your controller switch will turn on. Then you can remove your cable and can start using this wirelessly. 

Another remarkable fact is that you can operate four controllers at the same time.

The moment you press on your PS button, then the color will assign to you.

If you want to change your light bar’s color, you need to download applications for this.

Also, using this, you can change the color of your light bar as per your requirement.

Moreover, a PS4 controller has many features and options for the users. You can also make favorable changes in the settings bar. 

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In the new PS4 play station, you will find the light bar in the top unit.

The color of the light bar is changing depending on how the player is playing. For example game density two, you will notice a white color light.

Moreover, in case you die in between the game, then the light will automatically turn red.

Your game can affect your controller’s color. Also, with the light color’s help, you can quickly know what activity is going on in your game.

Your light bar color will turn into blue, red, green, or pink as per your game score.

Moreover, a particular shade of light can control the whole game. 


Final words

The PS4 controller has added various options these days. This is why many game users like to opt for these controllers. It also has a smooth touchpad for easy operation.

If you use this controller while playing a game, you can score high because of its user-friendly features.

This light bar system will help you to play well and help you know the position of other players.

There is various application present which can help you to change the color of your light bar.

You will find multiple colors for your light bar.

Moreover, these compelling features can help a player while playing a game.

You can purchase it online also because online, the product ranges are more comprehensive. Offline also these devices are available. 

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