Candy Crush Saga: How to Make Wrapped Candies, and Other Hints, Tips, and Strategies

How to Play Candy Crush Saga

At its core, Candy Crush Saga is a game about matching up candies that are three-of-a-kind or more. But the actual goal for each stage you play varies. You may be asked to move certain game pieces to the bottom of the screen (which is done by clearing a path via matches), achieve a certain score, or clear away roadblocks like cream or jelly by making matches beside the blockades.

In each case, you must achieve your goal within a certain number of moves. Once your moves are expired, you lose one of your lives. Lives regenerate over time, though you can also purchase more via an in-app purchase with real-world cash. You can purchase more moves this way, too.

Candy Crush Saga throws you against some pretty intense goals in its later stages. Thankfully, there are power-ups and specialty candies that can help you out of a tough spot, like striped candies, wrapped candies, and color bombs.

How to Make a Striped Candy

Match up four candies to make a striped candy. Striped candies clear away entire rows or columns when they’re matched up with at least two regular candies from the same family (e.g. two regular jelly beans and one striped one will do the trick).

If you moved a piece vertically to make a four-match, that striped candy will have vertical stripes and will clear a column when used. If you moved a piece horizontally, the candy will have horizontal stripes and clear a row.

How to Make a Wrapped Candy

Make a five-piece match in an “L”, “+”, or “T” shape. When matched up with two regular candies from the same family, wrapped candies make an explosion that clears nine candies around it.

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How to Make a Candy Bomb / Color Bomb

Match five candies in a row to make a color bomb. When you swipe the bomb with a regular candy, it’ll eliminate the same candies currently on the board.

With Candy Crush Saga’s basics down, you’re ready to employ some strategies!

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Don’t Rush to Make Suggested Moves

The game suggests which move you should make next, but the given advice isn’t always wise. Most of the time, they’re suggestions for standard three-piece matches that won’t contribute to your end goal. That said, sometimes a suggested move can draw your eye towards a more desirable match, so don’t ignore them entirely.

Clear Obstacles First and Foremost

Regardless of your level goal, you should clear away blockades (frosting, ice, licorice, etc) first. Even if you’re not instructed to do so, it opens up the board for better matching potential.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

It hurts, but sometimes succeeding at Candy Crush Saga is simply a matter of trying a stage over and over again. Every time you start anew, the game pieces shuffle and offer fresh potential.

Of course, you can buy power-ups, more moves, and other items meant to help ease you past your goal. These aren’t always worthwhile purchases, though. If you have a bad board, an extra five moves won’t necessarily save your soul.

Wait out the timer, take a walk, try again, and hope the Candy Gods favor you. If you persevere, you will eventually succeed.

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