Bumble SuperSwipe Explained: What It Is & When It’s Worth The Price

Wondering if using a Bumble SuperSwipe is a good idea? Keep reading to find out! You’ll also learn how they work, how much they cost, and when you should use one.

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  • How Bumble SuperSwipes Work
  • SuperSwipe Cost
  • When A SuperSwipe Is Worth Using
  • 3 Ways To Make Your Profile SuperSwipe Worthy

How Bumble SuperSwipe Works

Similar to a SuperLike on Tinder, using a SuperSwipe means you’re *really* interested in someone – as opposed to being one of those people who swipes right on every profile.

You’ll know if someone SuperSwiped you thanks to a little yellow notification bar that shows on their profile card when it comes up in your match feed.

What Happens When You SuperSwipe

To use a Bumble super like, simply tap the yellow badge with the white heart. That person will see a message on your primary photo that you SuperSwiped their profile.

Normally you have to wait until both people have swiped left or right to see if there’s a connection, unless you’re a Bumble Premium user.

How Much Does A SuperSwipe Cost?

Here’s what makes a SuperSwipe so powerful. You’re making an actual investment to let someone know you’re into them, because it’s a premium feature. That’s a pretty strong compliment, and it just might entice that person to like your profile.

Bumble Boost & Premium subscribers get 5 SuperSwipes each week, and all users can purchase them ala carte in the app.

SuperSwipes cost $6 for 2, with a discount for purchasing them in bulk that drives the price-per-use down:

If you’re in a country where Bumble Coins haven’t been phased out yet, you can use the in-app currency to purchase them.

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Is Paying For SuperSwipes Worth It?

Research has shown that receiving a scarce or pricey signifier of interest, like a digital rose, increases your chances of acceptance. So there’s definitely precedent that SuperSwiping could pay off for you.

Here are two scenarios when spending the extra money makes the most sense:

You REALLY like her.

Men typically take the shotgun approach to liking women on dating apps, morphing into non-selective right-swiping machines. That can leave her wondering if she’s just another mindless right swipe.

A SuperSwipe conveys that you’re genuinely interested in her, to the point where you’re willing to spend actual money to get her attention.

You matched once already, but she let it expire without messaging you.

Expired matches are eligible to pop up in your queue again. If she passed the first time, a Super Swipe could just prompt her to swipe right again send that first message.

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Bonus Tip: Make Sure Your Profile Is SuperSwipe Worthy

You’re paying real money to use this feature, so you want your profile to seal the deal, right?

Here are 3 quick things you can do right now to be more attractive on Bumble:

1) Take up more space in your profile photos.

Expansive postures like flinging your arms or legs out wide project confidence and dominance, both attractive traits.

2) Your “good” side is your left side.

When given the choice between a photo showing the left side of someone’s face or the right, people strongly favor the left version.

In fact, this “leftward bias” can be traced back through history. Master painters like da Vinci consistently used this trick when painting portraits, so keep it in mind when choosing your photo lineup.

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3) Write a bio.

At 300 characters or less, Bumble profiles are short, but you can pack a lot of attraction into it. You never know what will spark a connection with a potential match, so skipping your bio is a real missed opportunity.

Check out these 12 proven Bumble profile examples for guys, and here’s one you can use right now:

Just substitute in what you do for a living and some of your hobbies, and you’re good to go.

Matching Is Only Half The Battle…

Once a connection is made – congrats! But that’s only the beginning. Once that first message is sent, you’ve got to keep the exchange going until you get a number or a date. And that’s when the work really starts.

From photos to messages, every component of your Bumble strategy needs to sing in perfect harmony if you want to meet the best local singles. Yes, you read that right – you need a Bumble strategy if you want to meet your ideal partner.

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You simply show up for your dates with the high-quality matches that interest you most!

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