Get HM Strength in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

The Strength ability will allow you to reach a lot of areas that were previously inaccessible. In order to get Strength, you will need to navigate the Safari Zone maze to find the Warden’s missing item. See Step 1 below to learn how to find it and claim Strength for yourself.


  1. Enter the Safari Zone. This can be found on the north edge of Fuchsia City. You can get to Fuchsia City by using the PokeFlute you got in from completing the Pokémon Tower in Lavender City.
    • When you’re in the Safari Zone, you only have 500 steps until you are automatically taken back out. Make every step count!
  2. Find the Gold Teeth. The Warden in Fuchsia City has lost his Gold Teeth in the Safari Zone. If you find and return them he will give you HM04, which contains Strength. The Gold Teeth are located deep in the Safari Zone.
    • When you first enter the Safari Zone, walk to the right and then up until you find the exit on the right edge of the screen.
    • Walk to the right on the new screen until you find the stairs in the rock. Go up the stairs and then walk back to the right. Go down the other set of stairs, walk around the cliff and then walk towards the top of the screen. Climb the stairs in the next rock area, and then climb down the other stairs to the right. Circle back around the rocks and exits the screen on the left side.
    • Walk left on the new screen, passing the first set of stairs in the rock. Walk up until you see the second rock formation. Climb the stairs and then walk to the left and down. Climb down the stairs in the rock. Walk straight up, keeping the bushes on your left. You will pass two small lakes, and then the bushes will curve to the right. Follow them around until the bush wall ends. Circle around the wall and then head back to the left. Follow the path back down until you reach the exit at the bottom of the screen.
    • Walk straight down a few steps and you will see a Poke Ball. Pick it up to find the Gold Teeth.
    • If you haven’t gotten Surf yet, continue to the left of the screen until you find a house. Enter the house and talk to the man to receive HM03, which contains Surf.
    • Walk around until you run out of steps. This will automatically exit you from the Safari Zone.
  3. Return the Gold Teeth to the Warden. Exit the Safari Zone and head to the eastern side of Fuchsia City. The Warden’s house is located directly to the east of the Pokémon Center. Enter the house and talk to the Warden. After thank you, he will give you HM04, which you can then give to a Pokémon to learn Strength.


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  • If you already have the HM Surf, use it to go west from Zone 1 in the Safari Zone; this will save you many steps.


  • You only have 500 steps in the Safari Zone so you may have to enter more than once.

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