How to Use Snapchat on Chromebook 2022 – Easy Steps to Follow

How to Use Snapchat on Chromebook 2022 – Easy Steps to Follow

Hello everyone, you can download Snapchat for Chromebook and experience one of the most popular social media and messaging apps in your lifetime. Snapchat is usually ranked among the top downloaded apps on all platforms, all the time.

It has over 238 million daily active users worldwide, and those numbers show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With its massive popularity, the up-to-date app has become a must-have for everyone’s phone, and people seem to be addicted to it day in day out.


Users have frequently hit the search bar with questions like, How to Use Snapchat on Chromebook. We think it is the right time we help you on how to use Snapchat on Chromebook and feel the best experience of the most rated social messaging apps in real-time.

One may ask, is it possible to use Snapchat on Chromebook. If you’re one of such persons, the answer is yes so, on this page, we will explain steps on how to use Snapchat on Chromebooks. If you’re ready, you need to read to the end.

1.How to Install Snapchat on Chromebook 

You need to update the Chromebook operating system to avoid obstacles. The older generation operating system usually doesn’t allow the installation of apps like Snapchat. Usually, the system gets downloaded on its own when connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If it’s not updated already, here are the steps you need to follow:

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  • Connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi
  • Select the time at the bottom left
  • Open Settings
  • Select Menu and go to About Chrome OS
  • See which version of the Chrome operating system your device is using under Google Chrome OS
  • Select Check for Updates
  • If there is any update, it will start getting downloaded automatically

This update will prepare your device for the use of the Snapchat app and you will love the benefit of using this to share all the latest updates from friends and have a peaceful conversation perfectly!

2.How to use Snapchat on Chromebook using Android Application 

The use of Snapchat is all about being connected to people from every corner of the world. To update your activities and bonding with different people is known as socializing. Chromebook allows Snapchat to be used by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

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For hassle-free functioning of Snapchat on Chromebook, you need to enable Google Play support. Here are a few steps to enable Google Play support:

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  • Go through Settings of your device and click on About Chrome OS and enable Google Play Store support
  • Select the icon of More Information
  • Go to the channel settings to change the channel. Change it from Beta to Beta Chrome OS. (It will help you in installing Snapchat easily)
  • Restart the Chromebook to validate the enabling
  • Go to Settings and agree to the new set-up of the Google Play Store
  • Sign up with your account details. You should also set up Google accounts for further benefits
  • Till now your Google Play Store Support is enabled properly
  • Open Google Play Store Application and search for the original Snapchat application.
  • Select install and start downloading the Snapchat app on your Chromebook
  • Now, it’s time to open Snapchat. If you’re new to Snapchat create a new account otherwise log in into your Snapchat account with the help of email and password
  • Start enjoying the features of the newly installed Snapchat

3.How to use the Snapchat app on Chromebook using Google Chrome Browser 

To the majority of the people, using Snapchat on Chromebook through Google Chrome Browser is the most convenient way.

It can be used in any model of this device. It saves time and extra effort for enabling Google Play Store support to install the Snapchat app. Here are one-by-one steps to use the Snapchat app on Chromebook via the Google Chrome Browser:

  • Open Google Chrome Browser in your Chromebook
  • Search for Snapchat
  • Visit the official site of Snapchat from the search results
  • Sign up with all your details to create a new account if you’re a new user or you can login to your existing account
  • Start uploading your posts and surf through the activities of others. You can now use Snapchat properly

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