How to Update Arris Firmware easily in seconds

I have an Arris router for my Spectrum connection, which I set up myself.

I got it because I was not happy with the one Spectrum gave me when I signed up for their service.

Recently, I found out that updating your router’s firmware is a good fix for slow internet speeds, so I decided to give it a try.

I went to Arris’s support page and read through my router’s manuals.

I looked at several user forums as well to know how to update my router firmware.

This guide is a result of that research so that you to can update the firmware of your Arris router.

To update your Arris router firmware, download the firmware for your model from Arris’s support website. Then, upload the file to your router with the admin tool and start the install.

Why is it Important to Update Router Firmware?

The firmware is your router’s operating system, and this piece of software controls all its features.

Since firmware is more “lower level” than other software, updates are infrequent.

But these updates bring large changes to the firmware and improves the system in almost all aspects.

Coupled with the fact that firmware updates also patch out security flaws, updating your router’s firmware is just as important as updating any other software you own.

Benefits of Updating Your Router Firmware

Upgrading your router firmware not only just improves your internet speeds.

New updates can lower the latency for your connection and add new features like better security and user management.

Firmware updates can also patch vulnerabilities in your router system that may pose a security risk and fix bugs that previously could have broken your router.

Updating the firmware can also update the firewall in your router. 

Since your router is the first point of contact with your system for the internet, having an updated firewall is useful.

Log in to Your Router

The first thing you need to do is log in to the interface that lets you install the update to the router.

To do this:

  1. Open a browser window or tab.
  2. Type ‘’ in the address bar without quotes.
  3. Enter the login credentials. If you have not set up a password, the default credentials are as follows:
    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: password
  4. Select log in.

Find Out the Router’s Firmware Version

Now you need to find out what version of the firmware your router is on.

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Fortunately, you can do this from the tool itself.

First, look around the interface to see any mention of the firmware version.

When you find it, make a note of it.

Check for the Latest Firmware Update and Download it.

Next up is to find and download the latest firmware update.

To do this, first head over to, then:

  1. Scroll down the page and select ‘Get software’ under the Software box.
  2. Search for the firmware for your model and hit download.
  3. Save the file somewhere you’ll remember.

Upload the Downloaded Firmware to the Router

To install the firmware update, you must upload the file you just downloaded to the router interface.

To do this:

  1. From the Setup page on the router interface, select Status.
  2. Choose Router Upgrade from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Browse and navigate to the file you just downloaded.
  4. Select Upgrade and confirm.
  5. The file will be uploaded and installed. Do not switch off the router until the upload is complete.

Install the Firmware Update

After you upload the file, the installation will continue automatically.

The router will restart after the update, so don’t turn it off before it restarts itself.

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After installing, take a look at the firmware version again.

Make sure that it has changed to the version you just installed.

If it hasn’t, try installing again.

Reboot the Router

After the update finishes, some Arris models restart.

If yours doesn’t, restart it manually.

Turn off the router and wait a few minutes before turning it on again.

Are Automatic Updates Available for Arris Routers?

Manually updating the router can sometimes become long-winded when your model is more obscure or an older model.

Most devices have automatic updates, but its not the case for routers.

Some ISPs like AT&T push firmware updates to their modems in a phased manner, so it might take some time for the update to roll around to your router.

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If your ISP router is an Arris model, manually updating the software is a whole different can of worms.

Your ISP may not allow you to use the latest firmware available for your router, so contact them to make sure you can install the firmware version that you are going to.

If you bought your own Arris router, there is no automatic update features.

You will have to manually search for updates from their support page and install them.

Final Thoughts

After updating your router firmware, run a speed test over at either or

This can help you confirm if the firmware update has helped improve your speeds.

If you have not changed the default login details of your router yet, this is a very good time to do so.

After the firmware has been updated, log in to your router’s admin tools like you did before and look for a section titled Security or Administration.

From there, change the password to one that you remember.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Arris IP address?

The IP address for an Arris modem differs from model to model, but the most common one is or

How often should you update your router?

I’d recommend you update your router firmware every five years.

If you are having any issues before that period, you can update them as well.

How do I test my router speed?

Go to a free speed testing web app like or

Run a speed test from there to know what speeds you can get from your router on the internet.

How do I find my firmware version?

You can usually find the firmware version of your router in the admin tools of the router.

Check the corners of the page to find the exact version number.

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