Basics of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet Camera

Picture-taking and video-recording duties on your Samsung Galaxy tablet are handled by the same app, the Camera app. You may be able to find a shortcut to that app on the Home screen, and it also dwells with all its app buddies on the Apps screen.

The Camera app controls both the main camera, which is on the tablet’s butt, and the front-facing camera, which is not on the tablet’s butt. The app also takes still images as well as records videos, depending on how it’s used.

After starting the Camera app, you see the main Camera screen.

To take a still picture, touch the Shutter icon. The camera focuses, you may hear a mechanical shutter sound, and the flash may go off. You’re ready to take the next picture.

To record video, touch the Video Camera icon. As video is being recorded, two new icons appear: Stop and Pause. Touch the Stop icon to end the recording; touch Pause to suspend recording; touch that same icon again, which is now the Record icon, to continue. Then, finally, touch the Stop icon to end the video.

To preview the image or video, touch the Previous Image icon, which appears in the lower-left corner of the screen. After viewing the preview, touch the Back button to return to the Camera app.

  • The tablet can be used as a camera in either landscape or portrait orientation.

  • The camera focuses automatically. However, you can touch the screen to drag around a focus square to bring a certain part of the image into focus.

  • Use the Volume key to zoom in or out. Once the Zoom gizmo appears on the touchscreen, you can manipulate it by using your finger.

  • You can take as many pictures or record as much video with your tablet as you like, as long as you don’t run out of space in the tablet’s internal storage or external storage. Speaking of which:

  • The SD Card icon indicates that images and recordings are saved to the tablet’s microSD card.

  • Hold the tablet steady when recording video! The camera still works when you whip the tablet around, but wild gyrations render the video unwatchable.

  • If your pictures appear blurry, ensure that the camera lens on the back of the tablet isn’t dirty.

  • Use the Gallery app to preview and manage your pictures.

How to take a self-portrait your Samsung Galaxy tablet

To take your own mug shot, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Camera app.

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  2. Touch the Switch Camera icon.

    When you see yourself on the screen, you’re doing it properly.

  3. Touch the Camera icon to snap a still, or the Video icon to record something longer than a snap.

    That’s it, although if you’re recording a video, touch the Stop button when you’re done.

Touch the Switch Camera icon again to direct the Galaxy tablet to go back to using the main camera.

You can use the Self View icon to take a picture or record a video using both the front and rear cameras at the same time.

How to take in a panorama your Samsung Galaxy tablet

A is a wide shot, like a landscape, a beautiful vista, or a family photograph after a garlic feast. To take a panoramic shot using your Galaxy tablet, you need to switch the camera to Panorama mode and then capture several pictures in sequence. Obey these steps:

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  1. Start the Camera app.

  2. Touch the Mode button.

  3. Choose Panorama.

    Scroll the list of modes with your finger, and then touch Panorama.

  4. Hold your arms steady.

  5. Touch the Shutter icon.

    You see a frame and a guide on the screen, which approximates the current shot and the extent (left-right or up-down) for the panorama. Arrows point in the directions in which you can pan.

  6. Pivot slightly to your right (or in whatever direction, but you must continue in the same direction).

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    As you move the camera, the onscreen frame adjusts to your new position. The tablet beeps as the next image in the panorama is snapped automatically. All you need to do is keep moving.

  7. Continue pivoting as subsequent shots are taken, or touch the Shutter icon again to finish the panorama.

    After the last image is snapped, wait while the panorama is assembled.

The Camera app sticks the different shots together, creating a panoramic image.

  • To exit Panorama mode, repeat Steps 1 and 2, but in Step 3 choose Auto as the shooting mode.

  • The Camera app automatically captures the panoramic shot. You touch the Shutter icon only when you’re done.

How to do a screen shot on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

A also called a (for capture), is a picture of your tablet’s touchscreen. So if you see something interesting on the screen, or just want to take a quick pic of your tablet life, you take a screen shot.

For the Galaxy Tab, as well as the Galaxy Note, you can enable a screen capture motion setting. Heed these directions:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Touch the Controls tab, and then select the Palm Motion item.

    If your tablet doesn’t have a Controls tab, scroll down the categories on the left side of the screen and select the Motion item.

  3. Ensure that the Capture Screen item is active or that the Palm Swipe to Capture item is selected.

    An active item features a green button or check mark to its right.

Once the setting is enabled, you capture a screen shot by swiping left or right across the touchscreen with the side of your open palm. Upon success, you’ll hear a clicking sound. The screen has been captured.

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