How to Fix It When Fire Stick Keeps Optimizing

When a Fire Stick keeps optimizing, you can get stuck on a loading screen for a significant amount of time. If your Fire Stick is working, you can wait ten or more minutes for the optimization process to finish and then start using the Fire Stick again.

In a worst-case scenario, the optimizing screen will loop, and the Fire Stick will start optimizing again immediately after it finishes. When you get stuck in a Fire Stick optimization loop, the Fire Stick becomes unusable until you fix it.

Why Does My Fire Stick Keep Optimizing?

When a Fire Stick undergoes optimization, you will usually see these messages:

  • “Optimizing system storage and applications…”
  • “This will take approximately 10 minutes to complete”

This message usually appears after the Fire Stick firmware is updated. Under normal circumstances, you can leave the Fire Stick alone for a while, and it will eventually finish the optimization process. Sometimes the Fire Stick gets stuck, starts optimizing again immediately after finishing, or reboots and starts optimizing again. You'll need to troubleshoot and fix it before you can start streaming again.

Common reasons for a Fire Stick to get stuck optimizing include corrupt firmware, an incompatible power source, and HDMI issues.

How Do I Stop My Fire Stick From Optimizing?

To stop your Fire Stick from optimizing so you can start streaming again, try each of the following fixes in order:

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  1. Wait the suggested amount of time. If your Fire Stick has been on the optimization screen for less than 10 minutes, let it work for a while and check back later. Most Fire Sticks will finish optimizing in less than 10 minutes, but it can take longer.

  2. Check your power supply. If your Fire Stick is powered by a USB port on your TV, unplug it and plug it into the USB power supply included with the Fire Stick. Fire Sticks require more power than some USB ports and USB power supplies can supply.

  3. Try a different USB cable. If you have a spare micro USB cable, try switching cables. The cable may be damaged, which can, in turn, prevent the Fire Stick from receiving enough power.

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  4. Restart your Fire Stick. The Fire Stick may have a temporary glitch, in which case restarting it could fix the problem. To restart your Fire Stick, unplug it from power for at least five minutes, then plug it back in.

  5. Switch to a different HDMI port. There may be a compatibility issue, or the port may be malfunctioning. Unplug your Fire Stick and insert it into a different HDMI port on your TV. If you have another TV, you can also try connecting your Fire Stick to a second TV.

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  6. Reset the Fire Stick. If your Fire Stick has corrupt firmware, a factory reset may fix the problem. You will then need to set up the Fire Stick, install any available updates, and download all of your apps just like you did when you first got it.

Why Does My Fire Stick Keep Restarting?

When a Fire Stick keeps restarting, it’s usually due to a power issue. Like optimization issues, you can generally fix a restarting problem by using the power supply that came with the Fire Stick. If you don’t have that power supply anymore, any USB power supply that puts out the same amount of power will also work. If your Fire Stick plugs into a USB port on your TV, or your micro USB cable is damaged, the Fire Stick might not be getting all the power it needs (which can cause this problem.) 

How Do I Fix My Fire Stick Boot Loop?

Fire Sticks can get stuck in a boot loop for a handful of different reasons, and the problem can manifest in different ways. If your Fire Stick immediately reboots after optimizing and then starts optimizing again, then you could have a power supply issue or corrupt firmware. If your Fire Stick is stuck on the Amazon logo or reboots after displaying the Amazon logo, try connecting it to a different HDMI port and make sure you’re using a compatible power supply.

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