Google+ Guide: How to Tag and Share Photos on Google+

Any social network you use today uses photos, videos, and other multimedia to help tell your story. Google+ wants to be the one-stop social network and by making the way you tag and share photos in particular on the site easy to use as well as innovative, they will make that possible.

If you are not tagging photos and sharing them with your Circles, why are you uploading them to Google+ or anywhere on the Internet? It’s a great way of adding relevant information to your photos as well as keeping your friends in loop about new updates. We will walk through how to tag photos and how to share them so you can get the most out of uploading pictures to your Google+ profile.

How to tag photos on Google+

You will be able to tag any of your own photos with ease. If you tag someone in them, they may have to approve whether they can be tagged or not and once they do, it will appear on the picture publicly. Keep in mind that tagging your own photos automatically makes them public, so be careful which photos you want to tag and which you want to avoid.

To begin tagging, either click on a photo or use the Photo toolbar icon to head to your gallery.

Once there, pick a photo you want to tag and click on it.

A sidebar will automatically load on the right giving you the option to start tagging. Make sure to click “Add a new tag.”

Now, you can use the circular tool that appears on the photo to find the best location for the tag. If you do not want to tag the area you set, click the “X” to find a new place to tag.

Once you are ready to tag, click the “Click face to tag” option.

A small text box will appear for you to type in a name. Choose the correct person from the list and click on them.

For the most part, Google+ will list those in your Circles first, following by strangers for you to pick from.

At the top of the screen, a small yellow window will appear letting you know the picture has been successfully tagged.

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If it is someone who allows tagging, the tag will appear immediately. If it is someone who wants to approve tags, it may take some time before it appears in the photo.

If at any time you want to remove a tag, just head back to the photo in question and click the “X” next to the tag.

Another confirmation of the removal will appear as a pop-up. Click “Ok” to remove the tag.

Tagging photos is easy to do, can be done by just about anyone and is one of the many ways to personalize, share and remember moments from a photo by all of those involved.

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How to share photos on Google+

There are two times when any Google+ user may want to share a photo: When you first upload it or down the line when you want to highlight something from a picture, such as a moment, a person or a feeling. You can easily share any photo by navigating to it in your gallery or by sharing it as soon as you upload when asked.

If you want to share a photo after it has been uploaded for some time, just navigate to that picture.

Click on the “Share” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Now, fill out the familiar sharing window in Google+ with your comments, your Circles and just click “Share” to begin sharing it.

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When successfully shared, a small yellow confirmation box will appear at the top of your screen.

If you visit your Stream afterward, you will see it ready for folks to view, comment, and +1.

If you opted to upload a fresh photo, one of the last steps after the picture uploads to Google+ is the option to share the album and what it contains with your Stream.

Simply fill in the Share screen, then click “Share” to make your photos visible to those Circles you chose on Google+.

Sharing photos is not only a great way to let people know what is going on in your life visually but it is also a way to let people find photos they may have missed taking themselves.

How does tagging and sharing photos on Google+ benefit you?

Tagging photos let you know and those viewing pictures who is in them and who joined in on the fun. This can be beneficial when trying to remember an event or just reminiscing about old times. By taking the time to tag your photos and allowing others to do the same, you get to add yourself to the memory of the photo in a small way.

Sharing photos on Google+ lets others see what you are up to and how you view the world whether you are in front of the camera or behind it. Mobile phone cameras and digital cameras allow us to capture the world, moments, events, people and easier now than ever. By sharing these moments on Google+, you let your Circles in on what you find important and what you partake in during the day.

Google+ is all about sharing updates, pictures, videos and other forms of communications with those you know, those you do not know and those you are getting to know. The concept of Circles allows users to take this even further by limiting how they share to a need to know basis. This can make tagging and sharing photos on Google+ the most secure way of connecting with those you work with, your family, friends and more. Only those who you want to see certain photos will and when you take the time to tag and share properly, you can make that happen.

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