How To Tell Who Super Swiped You in Bumble

Bumble recently introduced the Super Swipe feature allows you to grab the attention of that special someone you are really into them by not just swiping right on their Bumble profile but instead Super Swiping their profile, letting them know you are VERY interested.

At the same time, you might be that special someone to someone else, in which case they can send you a Super Swipe. Either way, you get to know who exactly is interested in you and those who super swipe you are very interested in you.

However, the Super Swipe option is not given to everybody who is on Bumble. Instead, it comes as part of premium features designed to ramp up your match rate on the Bumble dating app.

How Does Bumble Super-Swipe Work?

Super Swipes are available for purchase using Bumble Coins. The current cost of a single Super Swipe is one coin. If someone is super swiping your profile, that means they’ve actually paid money for the feature (either by paying for the premium service or the individual swipe).

Without the Super Swipe option, you would have to wait until your potential match is made. If the person you like swipes right on your profile, they will appear in your connections and you can start chatting. Otherwise, tough luck, you won’t be able to connect to that person.

The Super Swipe option cuts the waiting game and makes it easier for you to engage with the people you like. Sure, this sounds great, but how can you tell who Super Swiped you on Bumble? The process is quite simple, so you’ll be able to see who likes you a lot in just a couple of steps.

How to Tell Who Super Swiped You

Bumble makes the whole dating process simpler, including the ability to interact with the app. The app’s interface is so simple to use even the least tech-savvy users aren’t likely to miss any important connections.

When someone selects that special heart icon to say they really like you, there are a couple of ways you’ll find out.

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1. You’ll Get a Notification

While a Bumble Super Swipe user browses through the potential matches, they can tap on the heart icon to “Super Swipe them showing them special interest.

This allows them to grab your attention almost instantly as they then know that you like them more than most profiles that you swipe right on.

After the other user super swipes you a notification will appear. You’ll see in the notification that this isn’t a normal swipe. The alert will specifically state that it is a Super Swipe.

2. Take a Look at Your Feed

In case you are that special someone, you will be able to see a message when their profile appears in your feed. The message is displayed next to the profile photo of the person who Super Swiped you. This is how you can tell who actually likes you a lot.

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How to Get a Lot of Super Swipes

Being popular on dating apps always feels nice, especially if someone decides to spend their Bumble coins to Super Swipe you. There are some tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of being Super Swiped.

Here is what you should do:

1. Upload the Right Photos

On Bumble, it all starts with the photo and you should upload as many good-looking photos of yourself as possible. The photos shouldn’t be filtered beyond recognition because they might look fake to other users. It doesn’t hurt to upload photos of you engaging in some activity or laughing either.

A neat little trick when you are posting selfies and portraits is to take a picture of your left side. People tend to like the left side better when they see someone’s portrait, which can translate into a Super Swipe.

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2. Don’t Leave the About Section Empty

Bumble gives you 300 characters to write a captivating bio. Make sure you use all of the 300 characters to write a few funny and catchy lines that can grab people’s attention. It should go without saying that lying about yourself is a big no-no. Nevertheless, you can ask questions to your potential match or even call them to action.

Super Swiping by Mistake

A problem with super swiping is that is super easy to do it by mistake. Many Bumble users report accidentally super swiping someone. If you’ve mistakingly super swiped someone, don’t worry, it happens and people will understand. If you’ve been super swiped but the match never followed up with communication, it could well mean that they mistakingly super swiped you.

But don’t take it personally. Because super swipes are so easy to do by mistake, nearly everyone on Bumble makes periodically. Fortunately, we do have an entire article that tells you how to undo a Super Swipe.

The Final Swipe

It is quite easy to tell who is intrigued by you on Bumble. Just pay close attention to your feed and the messages that appear next to other user’s profile photos. Super Swipe is a really powerful tool and you should give it a try yourself to see if it will translate into more matches.

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What have your experiences been with super swiping on Bumble? Have you always done it on purpose or have you Super Swiped by mistake, too? Please us about it in the comments below!

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