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How many times do you double-tap on an Instagram post and see the little heart appear on the screen? You may be one of those people who are generous with their likes, and others only offer such affections to a few posts.

Either way, Instagram remembers the likes you’ve issued and allows you to revisit them whenever you want. Perhaps you’ve liked a post originally and now want to go back and leave a thoughtful comment as well.

Or maybe you want to revoke a few likes from the past you don’t align with anymore. It’s a straightforward process, and we’ll guide you through it.

How to View Your Own Previously Liked Posts from the Instagram iPhone App

If you’re an iPhone user, tapping your way to the previously liked posts is quick and easy. Is there a post you’ve liked but didn’t have time to read the lengthy caption under it? No problem, just follow these steps to reach it again:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture, it’s located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Now, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Settings > Account.
  5. Scroll down and select Posts You’ve Liked.

You could have gone to the person’s profile, scrolled and scrolled until you found the post in question, and read the caption, but this method is faster.

Also, keep in mind that Instagram only stores the last 300 posts you’ve liked. For some, that might be a few days of liked posts. For others, it could be much longer than that.

How to View Your Own Previously Liked Posts from the Instagram Android App

There are many reasons why you want to check posts you’ve liked previously. It might contain helpful information such as important announcements and schedules.

It might be that you want to go back and read all incoming comments as they provide meaningful engagement. Whatever the case may be, if you’re an Android user, here’s how you can view the posts you’ve liked in the past:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android device.
  2. Go to your profile and then tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  3. Tap on Settings > Account.
  4. Towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find the Posts You’ve Liked option.

You’ll see a list of previously liked posts. Again, remember that you only have access to 300 previously liked posts, so if you’re looking for posts older than that, you’re out of luck.

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Can I View My Previously Liked Posts from a PC?

Checking Instagram on a PC has its perks. You might not be able to post pictures, videos, and stories, but you can keep up with what the people you follow are posting.

However, there are other limitations too. Even though you can like posts on Instagram for the web, you can’t check the posts you’ve liked in the past. The feature doesn’t exist if you’re using Instagram via browser.

That’s another limitation Instagram has imposed on its users, along with only being able to view 300 liked posts within the app. Also, if you’re wondering whether you can see comments you’ve previously made, the answer is no.

How to View Someone Else’s Previously Liked Posts from the Instagram iPhone App

It’s human nature to wonder what our friends are up to and what they like. Sometimes, you might want to see whether your best friend likes the same posts you do. Unfortunately, you can’t keep track of other people’s likes on Instagram anymore.

This feature was available until 2019, when Instagram decided to remove it, explaining that they want to protect users’ privacy. While many celebrated this change, others, such as parents of minors who want to keep up with their activities, did not.

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So, are there any options for people who want to see other people’s previously liked posts? Some rely on third-party tracker apps, but those are neither legitimate nor typically very accurate.

There is an option, but it has its limitation and can be quite time-consuming. Let’s say you want to see if the person you follow has liked a specific post. Here’s what you can do if you’re an iPhone user:

  1. Open the app and find the profile page of the person whose likes you want to see.
  2. Tap on the Following section on their profile.
  3. Select any count they follow.
  4. Browse through posts, and if the person whose likes you want to see has liked a specific post, their name will show under the post.

As mentioned, this can be time-consuming and will only work if you’re looking for something specific. A person might have liked all the posts of someone they follow, but they also might have liked only one too.

How to View Someone Else’s Previously Liked Posts from the Instagram Android App

The Instagram mobile app functions the same way on the iOS operating system as it does on Android. Therefore, checking someone else’s previously liked posts is identically inefficient as it is for iPhone users.

If you want to go on a hunt for a person’s likes on Instagram while using an Android device, here’s what you do:

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  1. Launch Instagram and search for the account you want to investigate.
  2. Then, tap on their Following section and pick a person they follow from the list.
  3. Select posts from that account’s feed you think they might have liked.
  4. If they have, their name will be displayed right under the post.

You might see something like “Liked by John Smith and 10,000 others.” And that will appear under every post you view and has been liked by them previously.

How to View Someone Else’s Previously Liked Posts in Instagram on a PC

You can view other people’s likes on Instagram the same way you do on a mobile app. You still can’t see a neat list of all previously liked posts.

However, you can check specific posts and see if they have liked them. For example, if all you want is to see whether a person you follow has liked the same post you have, their name will be right under the post.

However, if more than one person has liked the same post you did, you will have to tap on the “likes” list to see if their name is there too. But if you want to explore some else’s previously liked posts, here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to via a browser and go to the person’s profile page whose likes you want to see.
  2. Click on the Following tab to see the list of the accounts they follow.
  3. Select an account and then browse through posts to see if their name shows up under specific posts.

Again, it might be an inefficient method but can achieve results in specific situations.

Keeping Up With the Instagram Likes

Overall, there are significant limitations when it comes to checking the previously liked posts on Instagram. For your profile, you get to see the last 300 liked posts, and that’s it. Plus, you can’t access this feature via the web.

When it comes to other people’s liked posts, the situation is even more complicated. You don’t have access to all their likes as you did in the past, and they can’t see yours either. What you can do is check whether they’ve liked specific posts and pay attention to what they’re interested in that way.

Do you often check the posts you’ve previously liked? Let us know in the comments section below.

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