How to Resize Browser Window in Google Chrome

With over two-thirds of the worldwide browser market share, Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. The success of the Chrome browser is mainly attributed to its development. Conceived and developed as a web browser that works across all platforms, its popularity has kept growing year on year. With the latest release, Chrome version 87, Google is set to keep dominating the browser market for the foreseeable future.

Apart from its cross-platform nature, Chrome is easy to use, stable, and secure. It automatically integrates the world’s most popular search engine. Most modern websites have incorporated interactive features on their webpages to create a more pleasant and entertaining user experience. These interactive features, as well as various developer tools, run using JavaScript.

Google Chrome and Window Resizing Options

Sometimes you may need to multitask when working on your computer or keep browsing the internet while watching a movie or gaming. If you don’t have a multiple monitor display, then the only way to monitor everything you’re working on without constantly switching windows is to resize the Chrome browser. Resizing is also a practice employed by web developers to test the appearance of their layouts and responsiveness of their apps at different resolutions.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not offer many options when it comes to resizing your browser. It only allows you to maximize or always open on the last resize of the browser window. The quickest way to resize the window is to hover the mouse cursor around the window’s borders or corners and then click and drag them to resize the window to fit your requirements.

There are keyboard shortcuts that you can use to resize your browser window. To do this, press Alt + Space, which opens the window menu. If your window is maximized, use the down arrow key to select Restore and press Enter,  it will resize your window. Press Alt + Space again, navigate the arrow, select Size. To resize the window, press the arrow keys – up or down to resize vertically, and left or right to resize horizontally.

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Sadly, this resizing is temporary, and it’s impossible to know the window’s exact size and dimensions. For you to be able to alter your browser window to a specific extent or preset permanent sizes, you need to use browser add-ons and extensions that are accessible in the Chrome web store. One of the best resizer extensions is the Windows Resizer by

Installing Windows Resizer in Your Browser

Go to the chrome web store and search for the term ‘Windows Resizer.’ Select the extension offered by

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Once installed, an extension button will appear on the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser. Click on it, and a pop-up window will emerge with basic guidelines on how to use the extension. Click OK once you’re familiar with the instructions.

The window will display the most popular display dimensions, and your browser will automatically resize itself to the option you choose once you click on it. You can set your dimensions using the option at the bottom of the pop-up page.

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Does Resizing Affect JavaScript on Google Chrome?

Fortunately, resizing your browser window doesn’t affect JavaScript on your browser. JavaScript is indispensable to the web, and because of this, Google Chrome has its JavaScript engine, the V8. It allows the browser to seamlessly run developer tools and any interactive features like animations, ads, pop-ups, or audio on any page it displays.

Scripting languages like JavaScript execute on your computer as code. They may present a security risk, and if they malfunction, they may crash your browser. Unfortunately, it may require you to disable JavaScript on your browser. Luckily, it’s relatively simple to enable JavaScript in Chrome. Additionally, Chrome allows you to selectively disable this function for specific sites, keeping you safe without missing the interactive browsing experience.

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