Prime Video Not Working on Roku: How to Fix in Seconds

My Roku TV and Amazon Prime Video were not really on talking terms with each other, and it never really bothered me because I rarely watched movies on Prime Video.

But Amazon Prime Video acquiring MGM rekindled my want for Prime Video.

I absolutely had to find some way to solve the problem at hand. 

So, I went through so many articles and videos on ways to fix this issue, and it’s safe to say I succeeded. 

Therefore, I thought I’ll share it with you so that you don’t miss any of your favourite movies or series.

If Prime Video is not Working on Roku, Power cycle your Roku, Check the internet connection, disable VPN services, Update Amazon Prime/ Roku Firmware, Reset Modem/Router, and Factory Reset Roku. 

Power Cycle Roku

Restarting is probably the most basic solution to fix general issues encountered by electronic devices.

 It’s very easy and often clear errors and bugs causing this issue.

You can Restart your Roku by either unplug the Roku Device from its power source and wait for a few minutes before turning it on and relaunching the application.

Or you can go to the homepage on Roku TV by pressing the Home button on Roku Remote. 

Select Restart and wait for the device to reboot completely.

Check Your Internet Connection

If power cycling didn’t work, see if there is an issue with your internet connection.

You may check by using any other application on your Roku TV or by opening any web page on your phone that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

If you can connect to the internet through your phone but cannot run any application on Roku TV, disconnect the Roku from that connection and then connect it back again to see if it works.

Sometimes slow internet connection can interfere with the working of the Roku Device. If that happens, run a speed check to see if you’re getting enough speed to run Amazon Prime on Roku.

If the issue is the internet, you may contact your internet service provider to see what’s wrong with your internet connection.

Disable VPN Services if Any

Roku has its own Application Store from which you can download and install applications on Roku TV. 

You can also download apps through various third-party sources, even though Roku does not usually recommend it. 

Amazon doesn’t support VPN as they mask your IP address, and there is geo-restricted content available on Amazon Prime.

So, make sure you don’t have any VPN Active on Roku TV for Amazon Prime to work properly. 

Update Amazon Prime Application

It might have stopped working because you’re using an outdated version of Amazon Prime.

There is an auto-update feature on Amazon. 

If it’s not working, you may manually update it to the latest version and then restart the Roku.

Log out and Re-login to Your Amazon Prime Account

If the update didn’t work, try logging out of your Amazon account and then log in back, this might resolve the issue for you.

To do that, go to the settings tab on your Roku TV and click on unregistered devices. Once you do that, Restart the device.

After that, open your Prime Application and register the device by entering the correct login credentials. 

Uninstall and Reinstall Amazon Prime Channel

It still didn’t work? Don’t worry; certain issues with Prime Video can only be resolved by reinstalling it.

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To uninstall, press the home button on the remote and select the Prime Video Channel.

Press the ‘Options’ button on the remote and select ‘Remove Channel’.

Now restart the Roku TV as mentioned above.

Once you’re back on the Home Screen, select ‘Streaming Channels’ and then select ‘Search Channels’

Search for Prime Video and then select ‘Add Channel’.

Reinstalling the device will clear excess cache and install the latest firmware and eliminate the bugs.

Update Roku Firmware

There are cases you might be running on outdated firmware on your Roku TV.

By updating the firmware, all the apps will be automatically updated on your device.

Updation also clears bugs and will introduce new features for your convenience.

Updating your Roku’s Firmware is known to fix your Roku if your Roku keeps restarting.

It is recommended to have an auto-update feature on Roku. If you don’t, then you can always update it manually.

Select ‘Check Now’, and in case there are any updates available, wait for it to install the update and then reboot it.

Check Your Amazon Prime Account

Despite doing all this, if your Amazon Prime Video still doesn’t work, then there might be something wrong with your account.

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First of all, see if your subscription is still valid. 

You might have forgotten to extend your subscription.

Also, check whether the login credentials you entered are correct. Incorrect login credentials might cause it to stop working.

Sometimes the Amazon Prime Server might be down, causing the app to shut down. In that case, wait for some time and try opening the application again.

Reset Modem/Router

If you’re still facing connectivity issues, resetting your Modem/Router will be a good idea.

You may either soft reset or hard reset your Modem/Router depending on the issue you’re facing.

If you’re facing any internet connectivity issues, a soft reset would be a good idea.

All you have to do is, unplug the cable that connects your modem and Router, wait for some time and then connect it back again.

The other method is a hard reset. It restores your Router/Modem to its factory settings.

It can be done if you’re not able to connect your Router with a Roku Device or if your modem starts to get slow and impact your internet speed.

While doing the hard reset, make sure the device is on.

Find the reset button on the back of your Modem/Router; press the button using a pin or needle for 10-15 seconds.

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Now, wait for it to complete its reset; it could take about 1-2 minutes.

Factory Reset Roku

Just like in the case of your modem, a factory reset will fix most of the issues that you are facing right now.

It is quite easy to do, but it will remove all the installed channels and all the downloaded content and saved preferences.

So, always keep this as the last resort in case none of the above methods worked.

You can Reset your Roku without a remote, so this is a viable option if your remote doesn’t work, or if you’ve lost yours.

Choose ‘Factory Reset’ and confirm with ‘Factory Reset everything’.

Insert the code displayed on the screen and wait for your device to reset and reboot.

Contact Support

If none of the above troubleshooting methods worked, then it’s probably time to contact Roku Customer Support.

On their Support Page, choose your problem from the list of issues mentioned on the web page.

After you select the issue, a set of support articles will appear; it is quite diverse.

If you’re still having trouble, click on the ‘Need more help’ button, this will provide you with two options.

From there, choose the ‘Email’ button and fill out the form before clicking send.

Get Prime Video to Work on Roku

When you check the internet speed on Roku TV, the signal strength should be ‘Excellent’, and the download speed should be at least 1 Mb/s for Prime Video Content.

Amazon recommends you have a download speed of at least 1 Mb/s while streaming contents in standard definition and 5 Mb/s while streaming contents in High Definition.

After you uninstalled the Prime Video, delete all the data on the application before you reinstall it. 

It will clear any preferences that are stopping you from using the app.

Sometimes if any of the people who have access to your account change the account password, all the others who use the application will not be able to access it.

In that case, make sure you have entered the right password while logging in to your account.

If live chat with customer support is not possible, you may use your Twitter handle to get in touch with the support team.

If none of the above methods worked, take your Roku Device to the nearest service center, this will surely resolve the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you update an old Roku?

All Roku Players launched in 2010 or earlier no longer receive any firmware updates, app updates, or new app releases.

How do I sign into Amazon Prime on Roku?

Once you install Amazon prime on Roku, you need to enter the credentials the first time you open the app or using a code that it gives you to register via another device.

How do I enter my Prime Video code?

When you choose ‘Register on the Amazon Website’, you will get a 5-6 character code, sign in to your Amazon account and enter the code.

How many devices can you have Amazon Prime on?

There is no limit to how many devices can have Amazon Prime on, but the number of people who can stream the content simultaneously from one account, up to three people can stream at the same time.

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