How To Pair Aukey Bluetooth Headphones | A Quick Guide 2022

Do you have a pair of Aukey Bluetooth Headphones that you would like to pair with various devices, like your phone and laptop? Or maybe you’ve come here because your headphones are not pairing to any device at all & also you don’t know How To Pair Aukey Bluetooth Headphones to any device.

Well, whatever the case, we’ve compiled a list of facile and trouble-free instructions that one can easily follow. Just scroll down the list below to make your Aukey wireless headphones work well with any device you like.

How To Pair Aukey Bluetooth Headphones:

Before doing anything rash and start pressing various buttons on the control panel of your headphones, it’s essential to make sure that your Aukey wireless headphones are turned off. Also, make sure that your headphones aren’t already paired with any other device like your phone or your laptop.

If you know that your headphones are turned off, follow these intuitive instructions given below to pair your Aukey Bluetooth headphones.

  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged
  • Do not place your device and headphones more than 3ft away from each other while pairing
  • Now press and hold the multifunction button for about 6 seconds or until the LED flashes red and blue
  • Turn on bluetooth pairing on your phone
  • Your phone will automatically search for Aukey wireless headphones and show them in the options
  • Select your headphone device
  • If the LEDs on the headphones flash blue after every 8 seconds, this means that your headphones have paired successfully

Note: If you want to connect the same headphones to another device, make sure to turn them off and remove them from the option list of the device they were previously paired with.

You can then follow the above-mentioned instructions all over again.

How To Reset Aukey Wireless Headphones:

If your Aukey headphones won’t appear in the Bluetooth option list of your device, you might want to consider resetting them. Follow the instructions given below to reset your Aukey Bluetooth headphones.

  • Press volume up (+), volume down (-) and the multifunction button simultaneously
  • Hold for a couple of seconds  or until the LED flashes red
  • And you’re good to go

Note: Again, remove your headphones from your phone’s Bluetooth device list before resetting the headphones.

What do the Blue and Red lights mean:

If you occasionally see those blue and red lights flashing on your Aukey headphones, and don’t know what they mean, scroll down the following list and figure out what each light represents.

LED status Headphones Status
LED off The headphone is turned off.
LED flashes red 2 times every 8 seconds The battery is almost drained and must be charged.
LED solid red The headphones are plugged into juice up
LED solid blue The battery is completely charged. 
LED flashes red and blue The headphone is set to the Bluetooth pairing mode.
LED flashes blue 2 times every 5 seconds The headphone is in stand-by mode.
LED flashes blue 2 times every 8 seconds The headphone is in music playback mode.
LED flashes blue 1 time every 8 seconds The pairing was successful.
LED flashes blue every second Incoming call.

Aukey Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Pair:

Bluetooth devices can get complicated and annoying sometimes. There are various reasons which inhibit your headphones-or any other device for that matter-from pairing effectively. These reasons may range from poor signals to the great distance between the pairing devices. Whatever the case, we’ve discussed a few problems and their solutions that can help you fix the issue, in case your device is one of those that just won’t pair.

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Make sure that the Bluetooth device connections are on:

Most Bluetooth devices aren’t always ready to connect. Make sure that your device is turned on and is in pairing mode. We’ve already discussed how to pair your device above.

Also make sure that on your phone, tablet, laptop or any other device, the Bluetooth is turned on. This will help you pair your Aukey Headphones easily.

Make sure the devices are in range:

We’ve already mentioned this above, your devices should not be more than 2-3 feet apart when they are in the pairing mode. Bluetooth devices require a certain range that helps the device to connect reliability. If you’re facing issues with your device’s connectivity, try bringing the two devices closer.

Make sure that your devices aren’t already synced:

This too was mentioned before. You must make sure that your phone, tablet, laptop or any other devices are not already connected to other Bluetooth devices. 

The same goes for your Aukey headphones, make sure that your headphones aren’t already synced to another device.

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Since most Bluetooth devices can only connect to one other source at a time, it’s essential to disconnect it from the current device it is paired with in order to sync it with another phone.

Reset the connection:

If none of the above mentioned solutions work for you, try re-establishing the connection between your phone and your Aukey Bluetooth headphones.

Go to your phone settings and select forget for the Bluetooth headphones that are not pairing.

Now you can try to repair the two devices and see if it works.

The steps to pair Aukey Bluetooth headphones are already mentioned above.

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Reset your device:

If none of the approaches work for you, it’s time for you to reset your devices. Sometimes, a simple reset won’t work that well, for that you might have to do a factory reset. The steps to perform a factory reset on Aukey Bluetooth headphones have been mentioned above.

If your devices still won’t connect, even after resetting your Headphones, try resetting your phone, laptop or tablet.

While this approach might fix your problem and pair your headphones, be aware that you might lose all your data. 

The Bottom Line:

Pairing Bluetooth devices and headphones can be a pain sometimes. It gets even more annoying when you’re not that into electronics.  And those of you out there who can’t seem to find their user manual or – even better – have thrown their user manual out the window thinking you won’t ever have to use it, might face some troubles with these things. 

And that’s exactly why the internet is here to save the day and help you out with your troubles.

We compiled a list of easy-to-follow instructions that might help you save your precious time and fix your problems without causing any further complications.

We hope that our services were of help to you.

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