How to Connect DVD Player to Vizio Smart TV | An Expert Guide

Nowadays, using a DVD player is still advantageous because of the availability of formats and accessible media to record your movie, video, and music content. At the same time, the contents are half the weight compared to Blu-ray, maximizing flash memory. If you own a smart TV; I assure you; you want to watch your DVD preferences. Connecting the DVD player to Vizio Smart TV is a straightforward task if you have the correct information. These smart TVs; have a variety of input ports, channels that the DVD player can use. Below; we will show you the information you need to decipher the riddle of how to connect the DVD player to Vizio Smart TV:

First of all, you have to have identified the DVD, to be clear about the output options that these products have; to offer video and audio. The traditional options they have are port HDMI or A / V, which must be identified. With this, to know what type of connector cable is the indicated one; to make the manual connection between TV and DVD. On the other hand, it is advisable to have proximity between devices, not have to use extensions or extensive wiring. also, to have available power outlets nearby to provide power to these devices. It should be noted that the DVD player will serve as a bridge to adjust the DVD in the Smart TV.

How to Connect Vizio TV to a Flat TV

A DVD player connects to the connectors on the back of a Vizio flat-screen TV via composite audio/video wires. Both ends of the cables include color-coded RCA-type connectors enabling quick connecting between the two components.

Step 1 

Unplug the DVD player and the Vizio flat-screen TV from the power outlet before connecting the two.

Step 2 

Connect the connectors on one end of the composite A/V cables to the DVD player’s Video and Audio OUT ports. The yellow plug goes into the television connector, while the red and white plugs go into the right and left audio jacks, respectively, providing stereo sound.

Step 3

Connect the other ends of the wires to the Vizio flat-screen TV’s Video and Audio IN jacks on the rear, following the same color codes for the connections.

Step 4 

Plug the DVD player and Vizio electrical wires into a surge protector power strip, then into a wall outlet.

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Be aware of the component video cable.

There is always a left and a right side to a component video wire. Five different connections make up one side. The other side is generally made up of five more connections. There’s also a chance this side has a SCART or proprietary connection.

Three of the five different connections are green, blue, or red. These are the image-transmitting cables. Always connect the green connection to your receiver’s green port. Next, connect your device to the green cable on the other side. Repeat with the colors blue and red. Finally, connect the SCART or proprietary connection on the other end of the cable to the appropriate port on your device.

How to Connect DVD Player to Vizio Smart TV

There are many ways to make this connection, and this article will introduce you to three good ways to make this connection:

Connect via HDMI cable

The use of this method; requires an updated DVD player that possesses a port of exit HDMI. To count on a cable Hdmi to obtain that the link is generated, it is necessary to keep in mind its length and establish the devices’ position.

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  • Locate the HDMI port on your Smart tv, and it is advisable to identify it; these televisions always have several of this type. In this way, make the connection by placing one end in the TV port and the other in the DVD port. 
  • Turn on both devices; using the remote controls, press the power button. Then, accessing the menu on the TV screen, select the HDMI port where the player was connected.
  • Insert a DVD into the player, press play on the remotes, and start enjoying your content.

Connect using cables and A/V port

Use this type of cable and port; it is the traditional way to connect a DVD player. They all have them. It is necessary to identify the port to use; this one usually connects three DVD players. Colors identify the cable. The white cables and red cables are for audio and the yellow for video.

  • Connect these plugs to the output of the player; according to the corresponding color.
  • Select the input you will use on the TV, placing the other end of the cable in the same way, respecting the colors.
  • Please turn on the devices from the menu of the Smart tv. Then, select the input A/V in which I place the cable. It must show the connection of the DVD player. 
  • Verify the quality of audio and video; if some fail; check the connection of the cables that are placed correctly.

Connect using analog to digital converters

If you desire to connect your DVD without HDMI output through this port, it must have an analog to digital converter called a component cable. This converter converts the output of the A/V cables into an HDMI input, generating a composite video input. It allows using this type of port in the Smart TV, improving the video signal and the audio sound of the content. A valid option if you have the converter since its purchase is somewhat expensive. If you have to buy it, it is advisable to upgrade to a Blu-ray player. The steps to carry out its connection; are equal to those indicated to connect through the cable HDMI.

How to Connect DVD Player to Vizio Smart TV: FAQs

Why is my DVD player not showing on my TV?

Maybe there’s a connection issue. First, ascertain that the video connection connecting the DVD player to the television is firmly attached to both devices. If the problem is limited to the first DVD, the disc may be dirty, fingerprinted, or scratched. Ensure that the TV and DVD player are both set to use the same visual stream, either progressive or interlaced.

What cable do I need to connect a DVD player to Smart TV?

The audio connection is made through the red and white ports: You connect the audio out from your DVD player to the correct color on your television. The component, often known as the yellow RCA port, is used for video: You connect your DVD player’s yellow RCA port to the equivalent jack on your Smart TV.

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Can you connect a DVD player to a smart TV wirelessly?

If you don’t want to buy duplicate media players, you may wirelessly transmit them to various TVs or projectors throughout your home. For example, you may wirelessly broadcast your Blu-ray player to your main living room TV, as well as your kitchen HDTV and even the TV you have set up on your back porch.

Can I connect a DVD player to the TV with a USB?

Some computers and televisions do not have built-in DVD players, even though many do. If your computer or television doesn’t have an inbuilt DVD player, you may use a USB, FireWire, or auxiliary audio/video connector to attach one. We’re presuming you’re referring to a DVD drive that connects to a USB port rather than a video player that connects to HDMI. Just because a gadget has a USB port doesn’t guarantee it can utilize any USB peripheral immediately.

Why does my TV say no signal when I plug in my DVD player?

You may change the HDTV’s INPUT or source by pushing the INPUT button on the TV or its original remote. Allow the DVD player to play a disc and produce a consistent signal while experimenting with other inputs. Unplug the cable, re-plug it, or try a different cable or port if your TV has the correct INPUT or Source.

Why won’t my DVD player connect to the TV?

If you’re getting video or audio, or no signal at all, your cable may be plugged in improperly. Ensure the Green, Blue, and Red video cables are hooked into the proper input on the TV and the proper Output on the DVD player if the video isn’t showing up.

Bottom line

At this point, we have the information required to know how to connect the DVD player to Vizio Smart TV. Having as crucial points, the ways to use them through the HDMI and A/V ports is to achieve their pairing. 

Before you do anything, make sure you check your DVD player to see what kind of video connections it has. If you bought the DVD player recently, it most certainly has an HDMI output. If that’s the case, use these instructions to connect it to your television.

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the DVD player’s rear.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to an appropriate input on your television.
  • Turn on the DVD player and pick the appropriate input with the TV’s remote.
  • The DVD Player logo should appear on your TV screen at this point.

In this way, the correct cable and its connection will allow; the communication of the devices. Therefore, you can now safely and quickly; carry out the process of connecting your DVD player to the Smart TV. Now your DVD content can be viewed and listened to through the surround sound and spectacular image offered by the Vizio Smart Tv.

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