How do I delete Picasa pictures from my s5?

  1. Open the Google Photos app.
  2. Tap the three lines in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap Settings.
  4. Tap Delete account and data.
  5. Tap Delete Photos and Videos.
  6. Tap Delete Account.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I want to delete my Picasa pictures from it but not all of the other pics. How do i delete Picasa pictures so that they are gone from the phone? I already used SD card troubleshooter and it didn’t really work.

You should be able to go into your gallery app, select picasa, then select images and you should see some files with jpg extention. These are the picasa photos you can delete using your android device. When you connect your galaxy s5 to computer via usb cable (or bluetooth) you will find a dedicated picture folder on internal memory which is named “Google”. All your picasa/google+ pictures will be in this folder. You can also use a free app (Astro) for managing your photos.

1 . Delete the Picasa folder from your phone using File explorer or Astro file manager etc and it will be deleted from device storage as well. This way you’ll keep more space in internal memory but you won’t be able to access pics/vids etc if some application requires picasa images. If this is not an option for you – proceed to second option…

2 . Download a photo manager application that supports Google+ cloud feature and will synchronize/download Picasa images into a dedicated Google+ picture folder on your device. At this point you can delete all the Picasa photos from your phone in two ways:

a) use file explorer or Astro file manager to delete them (you will lose access to pics/vids etc if some application requires picasa images but you’ll keep more space in internal memory).

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b) connect your galaxy s5 via usb cable and go into Google folder and select Picasa folder. Delete everything inside it for making sure that all google+ pictures are gone. You have now removed your Picasatic memories forever! 🙂

already tried to uninstall Picasa apps and Google+ but the pictures are still there. I also updated Samsung album app from Play Store and it removed Picasatic memories from there as well. I hope somebody here can help me with this issue… It’s driving me crazy, I don’t want these pics in my phone just because of one single Picasa application! If only Google could realize that their deprecated products shouldn’t be available on modern devices (and especially not putting them into internal storage of phones where they take up space for actually useful stuff), then maybe this would all go away easily.

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Update: Picasatic pictures are still there after deleting Picasa and Google+ from my phone. It seems that the only way is to delete pics from computer via USB cable. I think this is the biggest drawback of Android phones (you can’t even delete a single picture without PC). And yes, both Google Drive apps and Album apps are already deleted…

Another Update: I’ve found Astro file manager which makes me believe in humanity again! This app supports Google+ cloud photos collection on device in real time! That means – you don’t need to search for all your picassian memories yourself – it does it automatically 🙂 You just have to connect your phone to usb drive, open Astro file manager, then tap on “Google” drive and you’ll find all your picassian memories here (they are automatically downloaded/synchronized after you use Picasa web interface to download/upload pics). You can then just select them and delete, them in bulk or one by one.

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I haven’t done this myself but another way may be to install Astro file manager on computer, connect your phone via USB cable, then open Astro file manager app on computer and under “my drives” section it should have a folder named “Google”. Inside it will be all the pictures which you can manage how you wish. Good luck!.


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