How to get a friend back after you hurt them

Friendships go through rough patches from time to time. As humans, it’s normal to sometimes disagree with friends.

However, friendships can be tricky and they can be broken in an instant if you don’t maintain them or keep the lines of communication open but don’t worry! It is never too late to get your friend back.

So today I’m sharing how to get a friend back after you hurt them. No, this is not the kind of hurt where the friendship has ended permanently.

We’re talking more like one of those situations where someone did something really wrong but it wasn’t out of malice or with bad intentions. So let’s share how to get get back into friendship mode.

One of the worst arguments I ever got into with a friend was due to miscommunication on both of our parts. It was my bachelorette weekend and I felt very little effort was taken into planning it.

My friend felt I was unappreciative.

We both said things we shouldn’t have said. If you want to start over or get your friend back, this guide will help you figure out the steps you need when it comes to how to get a friend back after you hurt them including my own personal experience.

1. Acknowledge what happened

Some people get into arguments and pretend it never happened. Acting like a situation never happened may work for some but it doesn’t help prevent the situation from ever occurring again.

It’s doesn’t allow both parties to understand each other. It doesn’t help both parties understand what went wrong and how to improve in the future so it doesn’t occur again.

Acknowledge what happened, first. Don’t ignore it. Don’t act like it never happened. Don’t suppress it. Acknowledge the situation for what it is.

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2. Apologize to your friend

Second, you’ll need to apologize to your friend for what happened. An apology isn’t about making excuses or playing the blame game; it’s simply expressing regret.

So make sure, to be honest with yourself when thinking about how you’ve wronged them and accept responsibility for any part you had in breaking up the friendship.

It’s not just enough that they know that you’re sorry, but also that they feel like you understand where they’re coming from. An effective apology can immediately clear the air and set the tone for rekindling friendship conditions again.

If your friendship was broken due to something that happened a while ago, then apologize and explain that you didn’t think it was relevant anymore but you’ll do whatever is necessary for them to no longer feel hurt despite the time that has passed.

If your friendship is just starting to sour, then apologize for whatever went wrong and ask them what would help them forgive you.

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3. Make time for some friendship activities

Once your apology has been accepted, make time for the friendship and activities. Perhaps going out to eat, going to a duo paint night, or something that will allow you two to start rekindling your friendship.

I don’t suggest waiting around after the apology and not interacting with each other because it may make the friendship problems worse. Especially if they feel like you’re blowing them off or trying to brush the issue under the rug.

It’s also important that you don’t use this excuse as a way of avoiding friendship issues in general. Plan time to hang out, chat or partake in friendship activities together.

If you’re seeing your friend more frequently, then that’s a good sign that friendship conditions are headed in the right direction!

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I asked a few of my friends for their advice when it comes to how to get a friend back after you hurt them. Here’s what they say…

Friendships go through rough patches. As humans, it’s totally normal to sometimes get into disagreements with friends.

However, it’s also important to acknowledge, apologize and ensure actions moving forward align with that apology so you can have a healthy, happy and thriving friendship with your pal.

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