How to Delete Auto Backup Pictures on Android

It is convenient to take pictures with our Android phones; however, the limited memory may make our crazy. When you check your Android phone storage, you will discover that auto backup pictures seize too much space. Even more frustrating is that you cannot delete auto backup pictures directly. Don’t worry! We are going to show you how to delete auto backup pictures from Android phone in this tutorial. When talking about auto backup images, we mean that Google offers auto sync service for Android devices. Anyway, you can follow our guides and delete all auto backup pictures. When you get more free storage, your Android phone will run faster.

Part 1. Where auto backup pictures store

If you get an Android phone and set up a Google account, you will find Google Photos album in photo gallery. This folder will save photos you shoot on Android phone and pictures download online. Actually, when you add your Gmail account to your Android phone, it will sync all data and files to Google Drive automatically.

Such auto backup feature seems useful, right? You will never miss any pictures, if it backs them up to cloud. But can you imagine that every picture, including the ads automatically downloaded and failed photos, on your Android phone will be transferred and saved permanently? If you are ready to clean up auto backup pictures of Picasa or Google account your Android phone, let’s do it immediately.

Part 2. Delete auto backup pictures on Android

Google will not only sync the pictures on your Android phone to cloud, but also create an album and store auto backup pictures in it. So, it will use your memory without notification. That may be the reason that your phone always warns you there is not enough space.

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How to delete auto backup pictures

Part 3. Clean auto saved images from Google

If you use Google account on your Android device, it will sync data to cloud as well. So, you have to clean up auto backup data from Google. Otherwise, the auto backup pictures are still there. To clean up auto backup images from Google account, you need to turn off sync feature on your Android phone first.

How to clean auto backup images from Google

Part 4. Erase auto backup data from Google server

Many people worry that Google abuses the auto backup data. It makes sense, when you consider that Android has become the largest mobile operating system around the world and in United States. For marketing companies and agencies, smartphone data is a huge business. So, you may want to erase auto backup data from Google server, including auto backup photos.

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How to erase auto backup data from Google server

Part 5. Recover deleted pictures on Android

As I said before, auto backup feature does not have the capacity to select pictures.  And many people choose the turn off auto backup features to save space. If you want to use a deleted picture or erase a photo carelessly, you will need a powerful tool to recover pictures on Android, such as Tipard Android Data Recovery.

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Similar to iCloud, Google provides auto backup features for Android devices. At first, people believe that sync pictures to cloud service could save a lot of Android phone memory. But the disadvantages show up gradually over time. Android is an open operating system, so everything you access in mobile browser can save on your Android phone without notifying you. And Google will back all these ads and icons automatically. And if you turn on the sync feature, you cannot delete backup pictures on Android phone. So, we shared guides to help you clean up auto backup pictures effectively.

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