How Do You Change the Color of Your Text Messages on Android Easily

Maybe you are wondering how do you change the color of your text messages on Android. Indeed, you can’t change the text color on the default messaging app on Android. However, you can change the background if you want.

One of the most significant distinctions between iPhones and Android devices is the scope of customization available. There are plenty of customization opportunities, including those who had not thought of customizing any of them before. The history of the Messages application is one such context that you can alter.

You can adjust the backdrop of the Messaging app on your Android Marshmallow smartphone by default. You can choose from various designs and colors, giving you more options for personalizing the feel and look of your screen.

So, follow the instructions down and see if you can begin sending and reading texts with a different context from the one you’re already using.

How to Change Message Background on Android?

This tutorial was conducted on a Samsung Galaxy On5 device that has the Android Marshmallow OS. If you complete these moves, you will get a new backdrop in the default messaging app.

The first step is to launch the default text messages application on your phone.

Tap the More icon on the upper side of the app window.

Go to the Settings menu.

Pick the Background section from the list.

From the rack at the base of the screen, choose your favorite background. The window will re-form itself to display what you have selected.

How Do I Change the Way My Text Messages Look?

If you are not satisfied with the customization of the default messaging app that we have shared above, installing a new messaging app might fix your interest. Let head into the best messaging apps for Android.

1.  Handcent Next  

The Handcent app is a robust Text messaging management tool. It has a wide range of features, such as fine-tuning the user interface. Its design functionalities help you generate a truly new look that fits your preferences.

The Themes feature enables you to add different presets for the app’s layout. There are a ton of designs to choose from. Also, there is a My themes segment where you can store and load your favorite theme at any moment. The whole range of options lets you perfect the app’s look, including adjusting the text size and color.

2.  Go Pro SMS

Another sophisticated Text message app is Go SMS Pro. It has a larger range of options and a vast selection of free themes.

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There are a few simple features: introducing pop-up alerts with the freedom to reply instantly, a blacklist, schedule SMS service, and a plethora of choices for personalizing the app – you can configure almost all.

You can choose a background for the app from its theme store, switch font, and modify the dialog’s look in the preferences for improving the app’s layout. It also allows changing the font scale and color of texts, details, the time, the gap between paragraphs.

Nonetheless, you can adjust almost anything, including the position of inbound and outbound text bubbles.

3.  GO Keyboard

Around 10,000 lively, fascinating, and extremely bright themes are now available for use with GO Keyboard! Each week, the application is redesigned with new free variations! It opens up many options for customizing the look of the keyboard and the overall layout of your device.

You can customize the background, text style, size, and many more with this exciting messaging app.

4.  SMS Themes 2021

Texting is the basic mode of interaction in the era of cellphones and messaging applications. Turn it much more enjoyable with the latest SMS Themes 2021, a text message Style theme that turns your boring texting app into a fun messenger.

The theme includes high images that will transform the appearance of messaging screens. It is a customization app that allows you to personalize your mobile phone. Its custom SMS theme is compatible with several common Instant messaging applications.

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5.  Textra SMS

Looking for a stunning, quick, and highly configurable replacement to your default text message app? Today is your day to shine. Textra is certainly incredible.

Has 180+ design features, particularly the ability to pick between tons of bubble and app colors. You can customize the display resolution to suit your personal preference. The screen can be changed to dark, automatic light.

There are also different animation styles and scheduled text/MMS message forwarding features. Don’t miss other options such as MMS Group and voice. It also allows you to do scaling such as text size and GIF if you like.

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Can I Change the Color of My Text Bubbles?

Well, specifically, in your Android default messaging application, you cannot customize the text bubbles color in any way. Android only allows you to change the background of the messaging screen. However, you can still change the bubble color, size, and animation using a 3rd party app. Above, we have shared the top 5 alternative messaging apps.

Why Did My Text Messages Turn from Blue to Green Android?

When messaging with other persons using the default texting app of Android, you might sometimes notice the color of the text bubble is changing. It actually suggests the other hand device operating system.

When it turns blue, it indicates that the sender is using an iOS device. On the flip side, if it remains green, surely, the sender is texting from an Android smartphone or tablet.


Hopefully, you get an idea of how do you change the color of your text messages on Android? Like we have mentioned earlier, unfortunately, Android devices do not have the feature to change the text color in the default messaging app. Instead, you can change the background color.

If you are desperate to change the text style, font, and color, you can use a different messaging app as your texting app. Check out the top 5 preferences above by millions of Android users.

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