How To Change Emoji Color On Android? [Ultimate Guide]

Wondering how to change emoji color on Android? You can download and use one of the many keyboard apps available. Google Gboard is a good choice.

My uncle wanted to know how to change emojis color on his Pixel 3. I showed him how to do it, and I will be sharing my wisdom with you too.

How Do I Change My Default Skin Tone Emoji?

There are 2 methods to try:

Method 1: Use Google GBoard

If you’re lucky, Google GBoard is already your default keyboard. Otherwise, you will have to find and download it from the Play store.

After it’s downloaded, you will have to activate it:

  • Open the Settings app > General Management > Languages and Input
  • Scroll down and then tap On- Screen keybopard

Then tap on +Manage keyboards and toggle on Gboard

Tap on Ok if a warning message appears

Then tap on default keyboard and select Google Keyboard

Then, do the following:

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  • Open the GBoard keyboard on any app
  • Tap the Smiley icon on the bottom
  • You will see several emojis with changing emoji color (they will have an arrow)
  • Long tap such an emoji to see its skin tone options
  • Choose a new colored emoji

Method 2: Rely On An App

Some apps let you change emoji color, without having to download an emoji keyboard. A few examples are Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and the Facebook Messenger app.

Here’s what you do:

  • Open one of the applications mentioned
  • Tap the smiley icon on the bottom corner
  • Choose an emote from the emoticon library
  • Long press the emoji for the emojis color options to appear
  • Choose from the skin colors available

Why Are Emojis Yellow?

Changing the emoji color on Android is easy. However, you may be wondering why emojis are yellow in the first place. This is because yellow has long been associated with happiness and hope. Sending someone yellow smiley faces means you’re sending them good wishes.

How Do You Update Emojis On Android Phone?

Google regularly issues updates. The new OS versions come with updated looks for existing emotes. Go to your device’s settings and then install any updates to get hold of them.

Here’s what you need to do:

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  • Go to Settings menu > About > Systems
  • Click on your software version
  • A prompt will appear if the OS version is not up to date. Accept and download the latest firmware

You can use Emoji Kitchen too. It won’t exactly update your emojis but it will let you mash up emoticons and create custom stickers that no one else has.

Once you’ve got that out of the way:

  • Open the app that you want to text in
  • Open the conversation details/chat
  • Click the emote button
  • Tap a random emoticon to activate Emoji Kitchen
  • Find and enter another one
  • Possible emoji sticker combinations will appear. Swipe through the options and pick the ones you want

Can Android Devices Get iPhone Emojis?

You can download a special keyboard theme that mimics iOS emoticons but there is a catch. Your emotes will only look like they’re from an iPhone for you. Their appearance won’t change for the person you are messaging.

There are many keyboard themes like this on the market. So, how do you know which is the best? A personal favorite would be the OS11 emoji switcher. It’s free to download on the Play store.

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Can An Android Receive Animojis?

Animojis are basically videos. This means that any Android smartphone can receive them. Although you can freely open and receive them, you can’t create your own. Only Apple users can do this.

Why Do I See Boxes Instead of Emojis?

These boxes appear because the emojis you see aren’t supported by your Android device. The person who sent them is likely using a newer Android version, while you’re using an older one. Also, they may be an Apple user and sent a unique iOS emote to you.

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Final Thoughts

It’s pretty easy to change the default emoji skin color on your smartphone. All you need to do is download a special keyboard like Gboard. Then, you have to set it up and press down the emojis from the library to adjust their emoji color.

Update your OS to get new emojis if you’ve grown tired of the ones you have. Google regularly changes its emotes with new firmware.

GBoard is the best emoji app because unlike other different keyboard apps, you can create custom stickers too.

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