How do I delete my Amazon Photos account?

  1. To delete your Amazon Photos account, first, log in to your account on the Amazon Photos website.
  2. Then, click on the “Settings” tab and scroll down to the “Delete Your Account” section.
  3. Click on the “Delete Your Account” button and follow the instructions to delete your account.

How do I stop Amazon from backing up my photos?

You can’t delete your Amazon Photos account directly. However, you can close it by following these steps:

Go to Delete all items (you’ll need a browser with cookies enabled) Unregister your device(s) from the Amazon Photos app Delete any stored payment info in the web app Make sure that you have copied any photos or videos that you want to keep and then empty your “Amazon Drive” trash bin Log out of the web app on your computer and delete any other copies of it Re-launch the website at You should now be logged out if everything went according to plan Open up a new incognito window – this will force the website to log you out If all went well, there should be no traces of your Amazon Photos account left.

Since it is not clear what the Amazon Photos team’s future plans are for handling the accounts, this may work better than attempting to contact them and have them delete it manually. The entire process will probably only take 5-10 minutes. I would make sure that you do not use your Amazon Drive storage space in any other apps before doing this since that could cause problems with being able to access these files again later if you decide that you need them after all.

I’ve also had reports from some people who said that their account was still open after completing this process but they were unable to login again afterwards – so make sure you back up everything that you want to keep before trying this method just in case.

They recommend changing your security questions if you are able to get into the account again as well.

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To confirm whether or not you’ve successfully deleted your account, go ahead and try creating a new one after going through these steps – if it works, your original account should no longer exist. One user reported that they had success by logging out of all devices and hardware first before purging their cookies in order to force Amazon to log them out of the web app after completing everything else.

For those users who were locked out because Amazon Photos would refuse any attempts at login but there appears to still be traces of the account, you could try contacting Amazon customer service to see if they can delete it for you depending on the result of troubleshooting steps.

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Of course, it’s likely that your photos are still accessible from other cloud storage services and hardware such as your smartphone. Make sure to review the rest of this guide to make sure that all traces of your account are properly removed from these locations as well; otherwise, there is a possibility that others may be able to access them if they come across them at some point in time.

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You may also want to check with other websites which support sign-in through Amazon or by using an Amazon email address since those should also be closed off completely after following these steps.


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